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Jul 30, 2020

Joseph and his brothers constantly battled from a place of jealousy. At the end of their battle, however, we see a beautiful picture of reconciliation and forgiveness, arguably the most important part of any battle.

Jul 23, 2020

Did you know that even Jesus had to fight big battles? He faced multiple temptations from Satan, but Jesus won His big battle in a big way! He used God’s Word to fight His way to victory.

Jul 16, 2020

People fight their own battles all the time, but Jacob had to fight a special one: he wrestled with God. After his unique battle, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, which meant, “wrestles with God."

Jul 9, 2020

Many Christians battle continuing their faith through doubts. Guess what, so did Peter! We are going to talk all about how Peter fought his battle and still came out with a super strong faith.

Jul 2, 2020

Many people know that Esther was a Queen, but did you know that she had a battle to fight too? She had to overcome her own struggle of saving her people!